Construction and reform
If you wish to achieve in Spain real estate completely corresponding to your interests and a way of life our company will turn into you of service of the best architects and designers, builders and contractors, managers on support of your project. We incur the decision of all questions, beginning from search and the help in registration of purchase of the ground area before full commissioning of your house.
Sale Rentals
If you do not want to wait and problem yourselves with the cares connected with new building can get the houses offered to realization by REAL ESTATE IN SPAIN. With us you can get or rent new and constructed earlier, but very qualitative apartments, houses and country houses in the most prestigious residences, and at desire to order the reconstruction of the got objects completely meeting your requirements.
Aftermarket services
REAL ESTATE IN SPAIN also renders the clients the additional services associated with agreement of the new house, its maintenance, and services in the society of study for children, leisure and rest, and also medical, legal and consulting services and many other things
Business activity of Real Estate in Spain is based on following directions: building and reconstruction "on a turn-key basis" of elite houses and country houses under individual orders, developer activity on building and realization in the Spanish market of exclusive houses and apartments, the realtor activity connected with sale and rent of secondary real estate, and also an after sales service of the got houses and country houses and many other services connected with purchase and operation of your real estate.